Beep Insights is the all-in-one platform that helps athletes improve their performance, reduce injuries, and train smarter. Get started with Beep today and see how it can help you reach your full potential.

Beep Insights tracks vital chemical signals like glucose, lactate, and ketones from your body, along with key metrics from your sport wearable. This means you can see how your body is responding to exercise, food, and other factors in real time helping you understand how your body responds to different training stimuli.

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Real-time insights
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Beep provides real-time insights into your body’s specific conditions and needs. It integrates with Garmin’s sport wearables, Oura and iPhone.

The Beep app uses a small, lightweight biosensor that attaches to the back of your upper arm. The biosensor detects your glucose levels in your interstitial fluid and transmits the data to the Beep app via Bluetooth.

The data from your sports wearable, such as heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV), is also displayed in the same graph. This allows you to see how your body is responding to exercise and stress, so you can train smarter not harder.

Apply the sensor and connect to the Beep app

Peel open the sensor pack and unscrew the sensor applicator. Line up the dark marks on the sensor applicator and the sensor pack. On a hard, flat surface, press down firmly on sensor applicator until it comes to a stop

Select an area of skin on the back of your upper arm, that generally stays flat during activity. Avoid areras with tattoos, scarring and moles. Before attaching the sensor clean the skin with Beep’s napcins, and If you have much hair we suggest you have the site area shaved before attaching the sensor.

Place the applicator against the back of your arm and push down firmly to apply the sensor. Gently pull the sensor applicator away from the arm. Wait one hour before you check your glucose.

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The all-in-one graph

Learn how your body is responding to exercise, stress and daily life. Identify patterns in your data and make informed decisions about your training and nutrition. All in one place.

all in one graph
log food

Log your food

Use food events to plan your meal timing by taking a photo of your food and adding a keyword to track what you eat and your glucose response. This will help you know exactly when you need to refuel and what kind of nutrition your body needs to perform better

Add Your lactate values

The lactate feature in Beep is a valuable tool if you are looking to improve your performance and train smarter. By tracking your lactate levels in correlation to your glucose and heart rate you can determine your individual training zones, identify when you are starting to fatigue and assess how long you need to recover from a workout and make sure you are getting enough rest.

lactate feature
how did you sleep

Track your sleep patterns

Use Beep to monitor and analyze your glucose data during sleep. Observe patterns, trends, and correlations with sleep quality, stages, and overall well-being.

Improve your athletic performance

Tracking your glucose in correlation to your workouts can help you understand how different types of exercise affect your blood sugar levels and identify the best times to exercise for your individual needs. 

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When applying the biosensor, most people say they don’t feel any pain.

The glucose biosensor is designed to provide readings for up to 14 days after applying it to the back of the upper arm.

Simply peel of the edge of the biosensor that’s attached to the skin and in one movement pull the biosensor away from the skin.

Yes, the biosensor can be worn while swimming, bathing, showering and other water activites.

Your body can use fat as its primarily energy source during low intensities. But at higher intensities, your body will need a faster energy source like glucose. So if you’re an athletes it’s simple. GLUCOSE = ENERGY. So if you want to hit ny PR’s glucose is the key.

The biosensor streams your glucose data in real-time to the Beep app. And combined with a Garmin watch or Oura ring you can track and monitor your glucose during daily activities and learn how your glucose levels moves so you can make informed decisions regarding your workouts and recovery.

The app is free to download, but if you want all features you can buy a monthly subscription of Beep Premium. 

No not yet, but we’re hoping to ad that soon!

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