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You are at the verge of the deep north on the arctic periphery of Europe. Under the northern lightning, our vision of smarter athletes was born.

Beep was founded
in Kiruna in 2021

by a team of athletes and scientists who discovered a need for a tool to balance energy levels, track physical performance and improve results.

We use wearable technology to track key metrics such as blood sugar, lactate and ketones. Combined with lifestyle input like food, sleep and activity, our AI analysis provides personalized insights to help athletes fuel and train smarter, recover faster and achieve their goals. Beep is used by athletes from professional to recreational level. The Swedish National swimteam and Piteå Elit cross country ski club use Beep just like football clubs, triathlon runners and coaches of different sports around the country. Beep is committed to helping athletes reach their full potential and perform their best.

If you’re serious about improving your performance and reaching your full potential, Contact or download Beep today!

Peter Alex - Beep insights

Meet the Beep Team

It’s time for you to get to know the Beep team! You can click on the pictures to go to our instagram feed and read more about everyone.

Peter Alex - Beep insights
Peter Alex


Robert Berling


Stefan Karlström


Mats Isaksson


Hanna Lundström


Christine Brännvall


Beep's Mission

The starting point was the conditions of performance in our place in the world. Because, while the Arctic is rich in culture and history, it is also desolate. And, just as it has an abundance of human warmth, it also has long and cold winters.

In the north, we understand exactly how critical it is to know both your body and your environment to endure and perform when stakes are high and conditions extreme. While our towns and villages mostly lie in valleys and on shores, it is on peaks and in seas that we push ourselves to the limit.

It is from this place the idea came to make use of technology to improve our understanding of how and when you can push yourself further and when to pull back and replenish.

Our mission now, is to build an instrument that gives you the information you need when you need it most. To help you build greater strength, speed and endurance to reach further.

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Speakers at:

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Beep supporter -Vinnova
Beep supporter - swedish agency for economics and regional growth
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