Why glucose is interesting for healthy people

Understanding your glucose response to different foods, activities and sleep can significantly boost your physical performance through a better understanding of your body’s signals. Here’s how Beep Insights can help you stay on top of your game with real-time glucose monitoring.

To start with, don’t change much in your daily routines during the first few days of measuring. Do business as usual and simply register your meals in the app to discover your glucose baselines, what’s your normal. Once you start noticing patterns and deviations in your glucose response to different meals, activities and sleep, you can start making small changes to see what difference it makes and if the sensations in your body change too.

Experiment with the content of your meals, the order in which you eat veggies, carbs, fat and proteins, your hydration levels and energy intake during longer workouts, or perhaps how close before and after workout you refuel, to find the best fit for you. If you use fasting, try varying workout intensities to discover how your body balances your blood sugar without energy input.

So where is the room for improvement?
The key purpose is managing your energy levels in the way that is optimal for you, so that your fueling strategy meets your needs in advance rather than compensates for them. A much appreciated improvement for CGM users is learning to prevent sudden drops of blood sugar that make you feel slow and drained of energy. A low glucose during the night is normal for healthy individuals, but a sudden change could be a sign that your body is under stress and may not get enough time or fuel for recovery.

For healthy individuals, using a CGM is not necessary but may well be the difference between business as usual and your next personal best. To start discovering your energy system from the inside; apply a CGM-sensor, start adding food events in the Beep app and observe your curve in correlation to your physical activities. When you know how you want to manage your glucose, the Food Response feature lets you sort historical meals by a preferred maximum glucose variation within 3 hours after eating. The feature makes it super easy to keep choosing the meal types that work best in your body.
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